About Us

What Makes Our Program Different

Taylor’s is a family run company that takes great pride ensuring a person centered approach is utilized with each adult enrolled in our programs.

Our Three Core Values

Our Core Values permeate throughout our organization and into the lives of those we service.

Respect for all Individuals

Respect is a quality that must be carefully nurtured in relation to oneself and to others. Every individual has the capacity to treat oneself and those in his/ her environment with kindness and dignity. Respect should be a part of everything that we do and say on a daily basis.

Service to our Individuals

Service is the occupation of serving our clients. It is not just our “job” to service our clients, it is our responsibility.

Work in Excellence

Working in a standard of excellence is to consistently surpass what is common, usual or expected. Excellence is a standard in which we should strive to achieve each and every day.

Taylor Starkewood Behavioral Health Services

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