Mental Health Skill Building Services in Petersburg, VA

Taylor's Enhanced Living, Inc. / Taylor Starkewood Enterprise's Mental Health Skill Building Program uses a strength-based, person-centered approach in assisting individuals in obtaining long-term goals of stability, independence, and success as adults. Our program begins with a comprehensive assessment to identify specific training and supports needed to assist the client in developing social interpersonal, and community living skills necessary to function successfully in an independent setting. After the training and supports are identified, an individualized service plan is (developed) to facilitate the client process of learning and practicing skills necessary to achieve their goals. Specifically, our goals for each individual admitted to our program include:

Exploring individual emotions and behaviors that are self-defeating and provide assistance in refraining perceptions and changing or modifying behaviors.

Assisting the individual in improving the ability to follow instructions, constructing daily schedule/task list, organizing tasks, and self- monitoring completion.

Developing strategies with the individuals that improve and enhance ability to focus and lessen distractions.

Developing skills in utilizing transportation options.

Assisting the individuals in developing and practicing appropriate interpersonal skills for interacting with others.

Teaching skills for identifying and resolving problems with others and developing and practicing skills in negotiation, problem solving, and diving feedback.

Exploring sources of stress & pressure and identifying specific, resources and strategies for managing and coping.

Exploring strategies for coping with and reducing mental health and behavioral symptoms that interfere with functioning.

Developing skills to reduce inappropriate behaviors & implement self-management strategies.

Taylor Starkewood Behavioral Health Services

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